John Walker, Strategic Procurement and Supply Director

John WalkerJohn started his career as a Student Engineer in Production Engineering Vehicle Assembly in Coventry before diverting into a Procurement role with Massey Ferguson from which a vocation of some 30 years has ensued. John has held Senior Roles with Group Lotus, delivering the Lotus Carlton for GM and the venerable Lotus Elise whilst managing many other procurement activities for vehicles like the Aston Martin Vanquish, Honda Aerodeck, Chrysler Turbo 3, Lotus Olympic-winning Bicycle and many others that are not in the public domain.

More latterly, John was Procurement Director for Leyland DAF Maxus programme, and Procurement Director for Siemens Energy where he reduced costs by 21% on mainstream Gen sets by implementing Automotive ‘Best practice’ like cross-functional teams, early supplier engagement and Target Cost modelling. Whilst with Siemens he set up Supply Chain operations in China, USA and UAE to complete a Global supply base for Energy Oil and Gas before accepting a post in Dubai.

John joined Emerald in 2015 and continues to develop the best practice methodologies for Geely and LTC in Global Supply chain optimisation.