Emerald Automotive Advances In Bid To Manufacture USPS Next Generation Delivery Vehicle

(Hazelwood, MO – April 10, 2015)  The United States Postal Service announced today the advancement of Emerald Automotive in the quest to build their Next Generation Delivery Vehicle.  In an official notification letter received from the USPS, Contracting Officer Delores Waters writes, “After full review, the Postal Service has determined to include your company as a prequalified supplier for this requirement.”



If successful, Emerald management expects to initially hire over 1,300 workers and build the new vans in Hazelwood, Mo., a suburb just outside St. Louis.  Production is expected to begin in early 2018.

The proposed Emerald solution is a light weight, new build hybrid electric van with exceptional functionality and performance.  “We have designed and constructed one of the most efficient delivery vehicles in the world”, said Communications Director Gary Marble.  “It is very gratifying to have the opportunity to demonstrate our advanced technology to the USPS”.

 The Postal Service is requesting 180,000 new delivery vans to be delivered in a five to seven year span.  The vans will have an expected life of 20 years and reflect the very best advanced engineering available.  They are to replace the 20 plus year old LLV’s that are inefficient to operate and costly to maintain.

 Ms. Waters concluded with, “Congratulations on your qualification under this phase, and we thank you for your interest in doing business with the Postal Service”.  Emerald expects to deliver the completed bid proposal this summer.


Contact:  Gary Marble, Communications Director (636)384-9575  

Emerald Path Clearer With Volvo Announcement

Volvo Cars

(Hazelwood, Mo. – May 11, 2015)   The Volvo announcement to build a $500 million plant in South Carolina has made the potential pathway for Emerald Automotive much clearer.  As reported in the New York Times, Volvo will build the facility in Berkeley

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Geely To Invest Over $200 Million Building Plant To Construct Emerald Designed Taxis in UK

(China News - January 6, 2015)  Dow Jones reported today that China’s Geely will invest hundreds of millions of dollars in manufacturing facilities in the UK to build the next generation of the London Taxi.  The new model, designed by Emerald Automotive, is expected to be a ‘green’ version of the iconic cab.


February 28, 2014, Geely Britain acquired electric car maker Emerald Automotive.  Spokesman Yang Xueliang, said the purpose of the acquisition is to help the company upgrade to create the ‘Next Generation’ taxi, including the development of an electric taxi.


The newly designed electric London Taxi by Emerald Automotive and The London Taxi Company


Emerald Automotive has developed two models of electric vehicles, and plan to manufacture in Missouri.  Over the next five years Geely has committed to invest an additional $200 million to develop electric vehicles in the Emerald Automotive Series, all in the United States.


Geely Group and Emerald Automotive will work together to plan, develop and validate the advanced technologies for the new range of vehicles.  Andy Tempest, Emerald Automotive CEO, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity which will allow us to expand our current vehicle development work in line with Geely Group’s global vision.”



Yang Xueliang also said that after the company completed the purchase of Emerald Automotive, Geely agreed to the terms of the loan commitments, including those related to the future plant program in Hazelwood, Mo. 


Contact:  Gary Marble, Communications Director (636)384-9575 








(HAZELWOOD, Missouri – Feb. 28, 2014) Hazelwood- and UK-based Emerald Automotive has been wholly acquired by the Chinese automotive giant Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (Geely Group).

The acquisition, announced today in London, is the culmination of twelve

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Winner: Eco Innovation of the year 2013

Vans A 2 ZThe Emerald t-001 has been awarded the accolade of Eco Innovation of the year 2013 by vansA2Z.com.

vansA2Z.com is the UK'S leading dedicated light commercial vehicle information website. Free-to-use, it provides a fully comprehensive specification list for all vans and light trucks on sale in the UK. Reporters from vansA2Z were given early access to test the t-001 for themselves at Millbrook Proving Ground in the UK, and commented: “Having driven the prototype we are very impressed. We like the approach and see it being viable in real-world operations; we look forward to driving the finished product.”

Eco AwardEmerald’s Technical Director, Ian Collins, said “We are delighted to receive this award, which recognises the innovations and technical achievements of our product. We have demonstrated the vehicle to a wide range of stakeholders from across the industry and have received extremely positive feedback”

Read more at … http://www.vansa2z.com/Vans-of-the-Year-Awards-2013-EcoInnovation

Emerald wins prestigious Innovation Award

What Van? Britain’s largest van buyers guide has announced its annual awards for 2013.

What Van Awards Winner 2012The What Van? Awards are amongst the most sought after independent accolades in the industry and in 2013. They recognise the outstanding performers in 12 crucial light

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Emerald t-001 Returns 154mpg in Spectacular Style

Start line at BrightonAbout 30 low-carbon vehicles took part in the Future Car Challenge on Saturday, November 3rd 2012 with the aim of using as little energy as possible in the journey from Brighton to London following a mixed urban, suburban and highway route. The event is hosted annually by the Royal Automobile Club of Great Britain.

The Emerald t-001 completed the 103km (64 mile) course starting from the Grand Parade on Brighton’s seafront in heavy rain at around 7.45am.

Corssing the finish line LondonThe vehicle covered the first 54 miles in all-electric operation and achieved an average 1.84 l/100km (154mpg) on its journey to central London. In Regent Street, the vehicle joined a display of vintage and future vehicles which were admired by thousands of passers-by.

On showEmerald’s Technical Director, Ian Collins, said “The Future Car Challenge gave us a perfect opportunity to demonstrate the extraordinary performance of the t-001 in real-world driving conditions with authoritative, impartial measurements carried out by experts at Imperial College, London.”

HTUF Charlotte Expo

Image 1The Emerald Automotive t-001 made its official North American debut at the High-Efficiency Truck Users Forum (HTUF) held at the Charlotte Convention Center in downtown Charlotte, NC. “We announced several months ago that two prototypes had been built and

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Emerald Automotive to Premiere New Low-Emissions Vehicle in United States

St. Louis (August 28, 2012) – Emerald Automotive (Emerald) the low-emissions, extended-range electric commercial van company, announced today that its flagship vehicle, the t-001, will make its official U.S. debut next month at the 2012 Hybrid, Electric and Advanced Truck Users Forum (HTUF 2012) in Charlotte, NC.

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Video - World's First Range-Extended 3.5t Electric/Diesel Van


Emerald Automotive CEO demonstrates the t-001 to investors


Demonstrator Certification

t-001 certifiedEmerald has achieved certification for the demonstrator vehicle DV2 through the VCA in the UK in the UK and the vehicle is now registered for road use.

The vehicle has already been in action in Germany demonstrating to potential customers and suppliers.

Emerald Displays Technology at Shows

NAFA ExhibitionSt. Louis was host to the annual NAFA (National Association of Fleet Associates) Exposition at the America's Center in Downtown St. Louis.
Emerald Automotive Staff took the opportunity to set up a display and video explaining the technology behind the all new t-001 range extended electric delivery van, scheduled for production in Hazelwood, Mo.

Many potential fleet customers and suppliers stopped by to view the video and ask questions about this new entrant into the fleet market. Several major universities including Michigan State University, Lowa State University, University of Lowa, University of Maryland and the University of Alberta Canada stopped by. All were very impressed with the abilities of the t-001 and are anxious to see the savings reported by fleets both in environmental terms as well as the bottom line.

Staff also joined Intelligent Energy, a leading developer of fuel cell technology, at the Electric Vehicle Symposium 26 (EVS 26) held at the Convention Center in Los Angeles, California May 6-9. This exposition was for all types of electric vehicles and the t-001 was one of only a handful of fleet delivery vehicles represented at the show. As such it drew much attention from attendees who agreed the fleet market needs this type of option soon. Several large fleet managers and suppliers were in attendance and requested information. Green Car Congress, a global electric vehicle publication, interviewed staff at the show and intends to write about the vehicles capabilities in an upcoming publication.

Electric delivery: Driving the t-001 RE-EV prototype van

The range-extended vans of the future could be British
By Farah Alkhalisi

Loughborough-based Intelligent Energy has unveiled its prototype t-001 RE-EV, a range-extended delivery vehicle, and TheChargingPoint.com has had a chance to drive it.

Low emissions

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Driving to the Future


Electric delivery: Driving the Emerald Automotive t-001 RE-EV prototype van

Low emissions and low energy consumption are crucial features for the delivery vans of the future – vehicles which clock up large mileages in and between our cities. The UK

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Emerald Automotive Unveils its All New Light Weight, Low Emissions Commercial Fleet Vehicle, the t-001

February 27th 2012

Hazelwood, Mo. (Feb. 27, 2012) - Emerald Automotive, the low emissions van company, today released the first photographs of its demonstrator vehicles, currently being tested at the world-renown Millbrook Proving Ground in the United Kingdom.

"I am delighted to see the vehicles in action, being put through their paces as part of the van development program." said Emerald Automotive CEO Andy Tempest. "Full credit must be given to our engineering team and technical partners who have worked tirelessly over the past 18 months to meet all our demanding cost, design and milestone targets. This is a considerable achievement given that the t-001 is an all new vehicle designed from the ground up. This is a very proud moment and another significant achievement in our company's development."

About Emerald Automotive

Emerald Automotive, based in Hazelwood, MO, is the development and production company that will bring to market the all new, lightweight, electric range extended, low emissions delivery vehicle the t-001 for global distribution beginning in 2014. The vehicle, specifically designed for global fleet customers, will reduce emissions by 80 percent and reduce lifetime costs for fleet operators. The t-001 has a range of more than 450 miles with no compromise on performance and payload.

Emerald Automotive Settles into Hazelwood Missouri

January 17th 2012

After selecting Hazelwood last July as the site of its assembly and office facilities for hybrid electric vans, Emerald Automotive announced today several progress updates as it continues to work toward rolling out the first production models

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Emerald Automotive Makes First Appointment

December 7th 2011

For the 11 jobs posted back in October, Emerald Automotive had in excess of 1000 applicants and we have been delighted with the interest received. It has taken us a few weeks to sort through applications and conclude a short list of candidates for interviews.

Those that have been successful have been notified and regarding the positions of Sales Manager, Management Accountant and Office Manager, interviews have been completed and appointments have been made.

The two new senior team members are shown under the 'About Us' tab. Gary Marble is to join the Executive Team as Sales and Corporate Communication Director and Peter Servant is to join the Development Team as the Supply Chain Director.

Emerald Automotive launches new website, begins recruiting process

October 10th 2011

New site first step in hiring initial employees, unveiling product details.

HAZELWOOD, Mo. – After months of planning and behind-the-scenes work on financing and infrastructure development, Emerald Automotive today launched its new

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City of Hazelwood and MTC confirm $5 million loan

July 27th 2011

City of Hazelwood confirm with MTC a $5m loan program for Emerald Automotive at public council meeting.

After several months of negotiation and Due Diligence, The City of Hazelwood council members agreed unanimously to giving Emerald Automotive the loan. The loan will be used to enable Emerald to start recruitment in Missouri and establish their offices and manufacturing site in Hazelwood. City manager, Ed Carlstrom, Mayor Matt Robinson and MTC chief Jason Hall have been instrumental in leading the negotiation to bring Emerald to the St Louis region.