Emerald Automotive to Premiere New Low-Emissions Vehicle in United States


St. Louis (August 28, 2012) – Emerald Automotive (Emerald) the low-emissions, extended-range electric commercial van company, announced today that its flagship vehicle, the t-001, will make its official U.S. debut next month at the 2012 Hybrid, Electric and Advanced Truck Users Forum (HTUF 2012) in Charlotte, NC.


“We have worked extremely hard over the past three years to develop an all-new, light weight, advanced technology vehicle to serve global fleet operators. The t-001 will reduce fuel use, cut emissions and save our customers money, without compromising performance” said Emerald CEO Andy Tempest. “We announced several months ago that two prototypes had been built and now we are eager to share these vehicles with the public.”

The Emerald vehicle, called the t-001, is an all-new lightweight, extended-range hybrid electric delivery vehicle, which can achieve more than 100 mpg on a typical duty cycle and has a range of 475 miles per fueling. It also reduces emissions by 80% with a payload of 3,000 lbs., all without compromise on performance. The company intends to begin manufacturing the vehicle in St. Louis and is already generating a great deal of interest from major customers around the world.

“Now that we have a road-ready vehicle that is being driven and tested, the level of interest we are seeing both from customers and investors has increased exponentially,” said Mr. Tempest. “The global fleet market has been calling for a long range, low emission, large payload product for some time, but so far no vehicle has been developed that can meet those needs without compromise. We are ready to serve that market with the all new t-001.” The private investment interest in Emerald recently prompted the company to withdraw its application from the Department of Energy Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Loan Program, not wanting progress to be hindered by any restrictive program.

The vehicle, which was primarily designed and assembled in the United Kingdom, will arrive in the U.S. for the first time early next month. After making a first stop in St. Louis, MO, the vehicle will travel to Charlotte, NC for its official U.S. debut at the HTUF conference. In both St. Louis and Charlotte, customers and potential investors will have the opportunity to ride in the vehicle and speak with the management and technical teams.

About Emerald Automotive

Emerald was begun in 2009 by a team of leading automotive industry professionals focused on low-volume vehicle manufacturing. The company has developed the t-001, an all-new lightweight, extended-range -hybrid electric delivery vehicle to serve the medium size global commercial fleet market that will drastically reduce operational costs compared to current market offerings

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