HTUF Charlotte Expo


Image 1The Emerald Automotive t-001 made its official North American debut at the High-Efficiency Truck Users Forum (HTUF) held at the Charlotte Convention Center in downtown Charlotte, NC. “We announced several months ago that two prototypes had been built and now we are eager to share these vehicles with the public”, said Emerald CEO Andy Tempest.

In response, several members of Emerald staff brought the t-001 to the United States for the show in Charlotte. The response was overwhelmingly positive as many of the top fleet managers in the United States were on hand for the event and stopped by to get a firsthand look at the all new build, extended range electric vehicle a with 3,000 lb. Payload. “This is exactly what we have been waiting for” said many of the fleet associates at the show.

PressMembers of the press were on hand for the unveiling and reported the exciting news. The most often asked question was exactly how soon the t-001 would be made available to fleets in North America. Ian Collins (right) is shown visiting with a member of the press.

Not only were the future customers of Emerald given the chance to kick the tires for the first time, but allowed to actually get in and ride at the "Ride and Drive" event held at the Charlotte Raceway.

Truck ParadeThe t-001 also joined several other alternative fuel work trucks in the official parade of trucks to kick off the driving event.

Emerald Technical Director, Ian Collins, gave a presentation on the new technologies used to accomplish the fuel savings and payload of the t-001 and Gary Marble, Sales and Communications Director for Emerald, joined a panel discussing the future of electric vehicles in the work place.

Seminar“The global fleet market has been calling for a long range, low emission, large payload product for some time, but so far no vehicle has been developed that can meet those needs without compromise”, said Tempest. “We are ready to serve that market with the all new t-001”, he said.

And the HTUF show in Charlotte, NC was the perfect place to begin that effort.