Emerald Automotive Advances In Bid To Manufacture USPS Next Generation Delivery Vehicle


(Hazelwood, MO – April 10, 2015)  The United States Postal Service announced today the advancement of Emerald Automotive in the quest to build their Next Generation Delivery Vehicle.  In an official notification letter received from the USPS, Contracting Officer Delores Waters writes, “After full review, the Postal Service has determined to include your company as a prequalified supplier for this requirement.”



If successful, Emerald management expects to initially hire over 1,300 workers and build the new vans in Hazelwood, Mo., a suburb just outside St. Louis.  Production is expected to begin in early 2018.

The proposed Emerald solution is a light weight, new build hybrid electric van with exceptional functionality and performance.  “We have designed and constructed one of the most efficient delivery vehicles in the world”, said Communications Director Gary Marble.  “It is very gratifying to have the opportunity to demonstrate our advanced technology to the USPS”.

 The Postal Service is requesting 180,000 new delivery vans to be delivered in a five to seven year span.  The vans will have an expected life of 20 years and reflect the very best advanced engineering available.  They are to replace the 20 plus year old LLV’s that are inefficient to operate and costly to maintain.

 Ms. Waters concluded with, “Congratulations on your qualification under this phase, and we thank you for your interest in doing business with the Postal Service”.  Emerald expects to deliver the completed bid proposal this summer.


Contact:  Gary Marble, Communications Director (636)384-9575