Parallel Hybrid

Emerald Automotive is pleased to introduce its next generation fleet vehicle, the t-002; an all-new 3.5t light commercial walk-in delivery vehicle, designed specifically for multi-drop logistics fleet customers. This vehicle builds on the extensive research and development undertaken during the production of the t-001, combined with a flexible powertrain that can meet the duty cycle needs of any fleet operator. The vehicle offers best-in-class fuel efficiency and safety features, providing the delivery vehicle of the future, available today.


The t-002 utilizes advanced lightweight materials and industry-leading powertrain technology in conjunction with state-of-the-art safety systems and telematics to offer a product unmatched in the industry. The vehicle comes with a high performance, low emission, 2-litre, 4-cylinder gasoline internal combustion engine and is offered in front wheel drive, all-wheel drive and plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) configurations. For all of these configurations the operational efficiency gains and the vehicle’s performance and capabilities are far beyond that of any competitor. 


The Emerald Automotive high performance, low emission, 2-litre, 4-cylinder gasoline internal combustion engine.


        • The Front Wheel Drive (FWD) base model contains an efficient and high performing internal combustion engine (ICE) gasoline powertrain in a Front Wheel Two Wheel Drive configuration resulting in immediate benefits in reliability, fuel efficiency, and maintenance.


        • The All-Wheel Drive (AWD) model contains the same efficient and high performing Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) gasoline powertrain in an AWD configuration resulting in the same immediate benefits as the base model but for more challenging geographic and climatic areas and conditions.


          • The Hybrid Electric (HE) model with Plug-In Capability (PIC) is the same efficient high performing ICE gasoline powertrain coupled to a high performance hybrid electric driveline. The HE model can operate in either hybrid (gasoline/electric) mode or in a near pure electric (zero emission) mode. The t-002 does not require any additional infrastructure to operate in hybrid (gasoline/electric) mode but still results in higher fuel economy and reductions in emissions. The t-002 can operate in a near pure electric (zero emissions) mode by using electrical infrastructure to recharge the battery when depleted to generate maximum fuel efficiency and maximum emissions reductions. The fleet operator can choose any pace and scale with which to introduce a permanent electrical infrastructure. The t-002 PHEV configuration can be operated without any additional infrastructure. For example, the battery can be charged via the internal combustion engine and regenerative braking systems. However, for even greater efficiencies, the t-002 has plug-in capability for low cost battery recharging, using low investment, industry standard, recharging equipment. The hybrid vehicle offers 20 miles of service at near zero emissions, and a total range of over 450 miles – meeting any duty cycle requirement.



The t-002 provides a highly flexible solution to operate a state-of-the-art conventional gasoline vehicle or a hybrid electric vehicle (with plug-in all electric capability) with a common powertrain architecture on a single lightweight common platform. This allows fleet operators to invest in a single vehicle rather than having to invest in and operate a range of multiple vehicle types from different manufacturers. This common architecture approach creates a path to innovation for the future with built-in reliability and efficiency at the start.


Plug-in Charging

The t-002 can utilize all charging technologies to meet user needs:

Level 1: Level 1 electric vehicle supply equipment provides charging through a 120-volt AC plug and takes 7 hours to fully charge the 11.2 kW battery. Level 1 EVSE is usually used in residential applications.

Level 2: Level 2 equipment offers charging through 240 volt (typical in residential applications) or 208 volt (typical in commercial applications) electrical service and takes 2.5 hours to fully charge a 11.2 kW battery. Level 2 EVSE is usually used in multifamily housing complexes, workplaces, schools, hospitals, hotels, parking lots, and retail facilities.

Level 3: Level 3, usually referred to as DC (direct current) fast charging, provides electricity through an off-board charger, delivering DC power directly to the vehicle. DC EVSE will charge an 11.2 kW battery in 10-30 minutes, depending upon the (initial battery state). DC fast charging is used at government facilities and heavily trafficked areas, such as train stations or public roadways.


Start/Stop Function

The t-002 has an innovative start/stop function in all configurations that allows the engine to switch off temporarily when the vehicle has stopped (such as at a traffic light or a mailbox) then starts again seamlessly when driving is resumed.


Regenerative Braking

Regenerative braking is employed to capture the energy from braking and store it as electrical energy on the battery pack. This system is designed to eliminate much of the wear on the mechanical braking system, so the brake pads will typically last longer than conventional vehicle brakes.


Advanced Lightweight Materials

The vehicle construction is based upon a predominantly aluminum chassis ladder frame designed to integrate with an aluminum and composite body, making the low vehicle weight a contributor to improved fuel economy. The chassis is of a bonded and riveted construction, which combines lightweight design with exceptional strength. Composite body panels further reduce vehicle weigh. The vehicle has a walk-in capability allowing the driver to access the rear cargo area from the driver’s cab. A sliding cargo door on the side of the vehicle allows the driver to access the side-walk with maximum safety and efficiency. A rear roller door allows for maximum efficiency while loading and unloading the vehicle.



No design or performance factor has been more important to Emerald Automotive than safety. Safety to the fleet operators, driver and other road users (pedestrians, cyclists, other vehicles) has been designed into every aspect of our t-002 and will result in a reduction in accident and injury rates compared to current fleet operated vehicles. Our vehicle design incorporates the very latest active and passive safety systems commercially available – over 20 individual systems make-up Emerald Automotive’s state-of-the-art safety system which will provide the best safety features in its class. We have a holistic approach to vehicle safety and understand the nuances of achieving vehicle certification while providing effective safety systems for both fleet operators and other road users. Additionally, we know that safety of operations for any fleet is the direct result of many interrelated factors - the driver, driver training, vehicle characteristics, vehicle maintenance and the availability of vehicle-mounted technologies. The Emerald Automotive t-002 incorporates these interrelated aspects of vehicle safety and provides significant improvements over competitor vehicles.


There are three principle areas for safety improvement for fleet vehicles:

    • Minimizing the potential for and occurrence of accidents and collisions;


    • Minimizing the potential for injuries to the driver when an accident or collision does occur; and


    • Improve the ergonomics of the driver-to-vehicle interface so as to minimize fatigue, strain, and work-related injuries.


The Emerald Automotive t-002 design addresses each of these principles. First, to increase situational awareness, the vehicle will increase the driver’s visibility and awareness of other vehicles, road-conditions, pedestrians, cyclists, and stationary objects through our system. Second, innovative vehicle systems and technology will autonomously intervene in hazardous situations to reduce the likelihood or severity of an accident. Finally, the vehicle has been designed with close attention to ergonomic principles so as to optimally locate controls for various vehicle functions or driver tasks to reduce fatigue.

The t-002 offers over 20 safety features that are unmatched, with multiple systems to enhance operator safety and the safety of those they encounter including parking assist, lane departure detection, 360⁰ panoramic cameras and more.