Safety and Durability

  • The t-001 has been developed with the aim of achieving a 5* NCAP rating for safety
    • There are low speed crash absorbing structures at the front and rear of the chassis
    • The chassis has crumple zones front and rear for high speed energy absorption
    • Roof crush and seat belt anchorage loads will be taken by the cab spaceframe structure
    • Special crash structure in the chassis give side impact protection
    • Recessed wiper spindles and underhood clearances will aid pedestrian protection
  • The t-001 has been engineered to meet durability in service requirements as rigorous as a standard internal combustion vehicle
    • The combined body and chassis structure will give a torsional stiffness of 10,000 kNm/deg
    • The chassis structure has been optimized for crash and strength using advanced CAE techniques